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eaddo kiernan trout unlimited If you are casting about for a fabulous party to celebrate the great outdoors, our dear friend and fly fishing aficionado, Eaddo Hayes Kiernan will be honored by TROUT UNLIMITED on Thursday, May 7, 2015 at Central Park Boathouse.   Join conservationists, anglers and friends to celebrate TU’s work to protect fish habitat and angling opportunities across North America.  Eaddo is a passionate conservationist who makes a concerted effort to share her love of the outdoors with others, especially young people.  Please watch the video below to hear about some of her many accomplishments.  In addition, Eaddo is a gal who knows how to party, so join in for an evening of great fun and festivities.

What to wear to a dinner in the park?  Usually florals are associated with daytime events, lunches, graduation and the like, but these fancy floral and a little flourish to the night with their painterly sophistication. One of these should be hanging in your closet, just waiting for a great invitation.   The Milly has a chic little cut out piece, that we would have the tailor close, but that is a matter of personal style – WISHING we could still bare a bit of midriff.    And the Nordstrom has a beautifully square cut back – very sexy at any age.

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Left to Right:  Milly Ombré Floral Sheath   $435.00  /   Versace Collection Abstract Print $795  /  Nordstrom Signature Floral Print Sheath $895  /  Jean Paul Gaultier Garden Print $545


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