To Give (and Receive)

best holiday fift

What’s on my list to give and receive – I just don’t like the word “get” – it sounds so grabby.  But invariably when I am doing my lists of gifts to give friends and family, I end up thinking of the things that I would like to have.   Here is my list of gifts that I will be giving and perhaps hoping to receive this holiday season.

Dying for a Pendant Necklace from Charleston beauty,  Janet Gregg.  The Cross is such a iconic worldwide symbol of goodness and grace.

Janet Gregg Jewelry

Speaking of crosses.  Adria de Haume’s tome on the list. This work is truly unique and thought-provoking as we ponder the powerful symbol of the cross.

best holiday gifts

I met the delightful Sue Phillips at a luncheon earlier this year.  High on my list is a gift certificate to create my very own scent for 2016 which I predict will be a very good year.

Best holiday gifts

Hermes Apple Watch.  Love!  Not sure that I have been THAT GOOD!

Best holiday gifts

GlamourpussNYC Sculpted Fox Vest perfect for What to Wear Apres Ski on my trip to Taos and everywhere else this winter.

What to wear Apres Ski

Silk Long Underwear by Land’s End.  It is a dream.  I wear the tops all winter under turtle necks for a luxurious layer.  Giving to my besties and children to feel cozy all the time.  Fabulous for sleeping.

best holiday gifts

I discovered this GlamGlow Moisture Mask when recently visiting the spa at Charleston Place Hotel.  I am not enamored of the packing but guess what – it works.  Simple to use, lay it on, wait 20 minutes and tissue it off.   Great for airplane travel.

best holiday gifts

And of course, my list would not be complete without a shameless plug for Packing for Travel, the gift that keeps on giving all year long.  Resort?  Ski Holiday?  London for a weekend?  Safari?  Packing lists at your fingertips!    Great gift combo with our W2WW Travel Bags.

Packing for Travel

Happy Holidays to all!

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