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Our friends, even younger friends, are constantly asking for a great long sleeve dresses.  High on our list is Project Gravitas,  created by Lisa Sun, Founder & CEO.    There are a few fabulous things that we love about this dress.  1.  The FIT, styled for your own body type and length preference.  2.  The FABRIC is comfortable with the right amount of stretch.  3.  BUILT IN SHAPEWEAR makes it incredibly flattering.   4.  The PRICE  is amazing and now they is a 50% SALE so try several styles.   5.  FREE SHIPPING.    Please click through to find the style that is just right for you and scroll down to see the video of the founder, Lisa Sun, W2WW Fashion Editor, Hilary Dick, and I all wearing the dresses.

All of These Styles are 50% OFF  

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great travel dresses

“For Lisa the company is a culmination of her love of fashion, career in the luxury lifestyle business, and steadfast commitment to helping others succeed, Project Gravitas was, to Lisa, simply inevitable. Through Project Gravitas, she hopes to help women create lasting personal impact.”

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