Looking forward to the Boys Club Luncheon, Tuesday April 3 when Howard Schultz who is considering a run at the highest office in the land will be interviewed by pro journalist, Diane Sawyer. This luncheon continues to attract notables and newsmakers in a setting that is packed with the city’s top philanthropics. For what to wear, I have been focused on Spring Suits. In my opinion Veronica Beard has the best jackets, for their fit, comfort and style. And to my pleasant surprise, their spring collection is chock full of suits and separates, all perfect for a busy day of drop off, office, lunch and more.

jacket: Aba Jacket $ 650 / Abbie Top $395

pants: Tory Burch Cropped Pants $258

Kirra Flood Length $258

accessories: Asha Lulu Earnings $296

shoes: Remi Sandal $395

NEW YORK – March 28, 2019 – Howard Schultz, the former Chairman and CEO of Starbucks who is considering a presidential run as a self-described “Centrist Independent,” talks with Steve Forbes, Chairman and Editor-in-Chief of Forbes, in an extensive interview for the launch of Steve’s new weekly podcast, “What’s Ahead,” debuting this Sunday.

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