We checked out the sneak-peak of Japanese accessory brand, Samantha Thavasa and Hanley Mellon’s collaboration on their new Spring 2011 handbag collection and cannot wait to sport these come springtime!  The ever-stylish couple Nicole Hanley and  Matthew Mellon serve as the co-directors of this exciting project which appears to be quite the compliment to their creative-partnership, both in business and life.  Nicole described, “We design for the woman who is constantly on the go, moving, traveling,  your typical Manhattan woman.” Resulting in a perfectly curated collection involving five styles in three colors respecting exactly what a women needs.  Being that at What2WearWhere we are always trying to simplify a lady’s life we are thankful for such a pieces that answers Nicole’s  question, “if a woman only had five handbags to get her through the different facets of her day-to-day life, what would she need?” The price point is perfect too ranging from $200 to $500 and will be unveiled in February 2011 at the Samantha Thavasa boutique on Madison Avenue, for additional information please contact C&M Media, t. 646.336.1398. W2WW would be more than happy to organize a pre-order for you, simply send us a detailed a email with your request and we will do the rest!

Top to Bottom:  Snobby Picnic, available in orange or black embossed croc ($435), The Smuggler (available in lavender, brown or black embossed croc ($225), Sneaky Cheeky Overnight Bag, available in camel, pin, black embossed croc ($350), The White-Tie Donut, available in gold, camel or embossed croc ($265), The Insider, available in blue, brown or embossed croc ($295)

The Hanley Mellon Spring 2011 Collection display at Samantha Thavasa

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