project gravitas


A few weeks ago, our Fashion Editor, Hilary Dick and I met with Lisa Sun, the young, fabulous entrepreneur who founded Project Gravitas.  “To have gravitas, you have to own your moment.  And to own my moment, I needed the perfect dress. A dress that combined the quality and innovations I’ve come to expect. One that felt as chic as my best luxury-label pieces, and as slimming and confidence-boosting as my favorite yoga pants. Who knew it could be done — and in New York!”  

Since then, Lisa  and our friends at Project Gravitas have been as busy as Santa’s little helpers coming up new and stylish shaping ideas.  Project Gravitas has just introduced the PERFECT PENCIL SKIRT,  with its  signature built in shapewear.   As Hilary and I can attest – it really works to pull you in, just where you need it the most giving you a long lean line.  At the same time, they have introduced colors into their line with navy and heather great and have promised more to come.


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