Dear Friends,  I feel that I barely caught my breath last month and we are already starting October.  It is one of the best months – for the weather, the turning leaves and settling into a routine of work and play.   The new look on the site is finally installed and while we are still tweaking it, we like the ease of the new navigation and especially the BUY NOW function.  When you shop through our site, we received a commission from the sale and of that, we donate a portion to our Charity of the Month. We also contribute $1.00 for every sign-up on the site so please pass this around to your friends.  As always, we love queries about specific destinations or events so please keep the emails coming. After shoulder surgery in June, I am thrilled to throw myself back into working out and feeling well. I discovered an app called TroupeFit which provides experienced trainers on-demand for $49.95.  I highly recommend it if you are looking for a new routine. Looking forward to weekends in the country, walking behind the hunt and taking part in all of the Harvest events of the season.  Thank you for staying with us in our ten years since the creation of What2WearWhere.   We enjoy hearing from you. 

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