museum dance under the sea

“Under the sea, Under the sea – darling it’s better down where it’s wetter,  take it from me.” The sea-worthy theme of this year’s Museum Dance will have you humming as the Honorary Chair,  Roberto Cavali and his sassy school of Chairs, cast a broad net to create a Neptunian fantasy in the Milstein Hall of Ocean Life at the Museum of Natural History.   For tickets and for information, please go to AMNH MUSEUM DANCE.

For what to wear to this “Festive Dress” event, we swam straight to the Presenting Sponsor Roberto Cavali for this smashing seaside strapless and wrap that will have you navigating the nautical night with ease.   Just add the chic Prada Sequin Clutch, the elegant B. Brian Atwood Metallic Snake Sandals, shell-like Oscar de la Renta Earrings and Alexis Bitar Vine Cuff, and stir – actually in this stunning look, you can shake it up!

Under the Sea Museum Dance

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what to wear museum dance under the sea

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