moda operandi

We were thrilled to discover that one of the chicest fashion sites, M’ODA ‘OPERANDI, which makes designers’ collections available in advance of the season, now has opened their own MO Boutique.  When we took a peak, we fell in love with the citrusy shades of the Sunshine State.  Traveling south this winter? These juicy, delectable fashions to mix and match, are yours for the picking.  Can’t wait to make some luscious lemonade with Opening Ceremony,  Floral Stamp dress, peplum and slacks.  And could there be a more perfect shirt than the Valentino Cotton Poplin Peplum, an investment and well worth it.  The Vintage Print Versace Pants are beyond description, looking retro and modernly fresh all at once.

Moda Operandi

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