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Saddle up and ride into the Millbrook Countryside as the most exciting completion and country fair arrives this week. First class riders and their eager fans gather to take part in an extraordinary equestrian event in the stunning scenery of the Millbrook countryside. There is highly competitive riding to spectate, great food to consume, tailgating to enjoy, out Fizzy Filly to imbibe, and a top notch shopping experience in the Millbrook Market Tent and Trade Fair and a Petting Zoo! Truly something for everyone!

What to wear millbrook horse trials.

For what to wear spectating and tailgating – you will be going over hill and dale for the best view of the riders on their cross country, Sadie Cannova, our summer intern went shopping at J. Crew to find just the casually styled outfit. The puff sleeved, square neck is all around this season but we couldn’t resist the ruffled gingham cropped top that just says “country gal.” The clogs are just the thing to keep you on the rustic paths and we added a few extras for super style.

Millbrook Horse Trials

Then on Sunday, we dress up a bit for your private ring-side tent. I shopped the new Cara Cara Collection of sophisticated florals, designed by friends, Julia Brown, Sasha Martin and Katie Hobbs. Qute by Stephanie Quarterero, whose boutique will be on site provided the accessories, they are fun and fanciful. And de rigueur footwear for countryside events are espadrille wedges or these Christian Louboutin Denim Sandals.


What exactly is eventing?   As one of the oldest equestrian disciplines that is with us today, it is a sport that tests one fearless rider atop one trusty steed in phases of discipline, accuracy and speed.  From Widipedia, “Eventing originated from fox hunting in the 19th century and was later molded into a military test in the 20th century before its induction into the Olympic Games in 1912. There, it was only open to amateur riders who were in the military and its purpose was to test the cavalry on their fitness and suitability. Each of the three phases that still exist today have functional foundations from this time as dressage showcased skills from the parade ground and the jumping phases demonstrated speed and stamina. Over the years, changes have been made in the length and format of the sport to increase the importance of technicality, fitness, and safety, making eventing the ultimate test of horse and rider.

Barbara Tober’s enthusiastic support is essentail to The Horse Trials

The Millbrook Horse Trials is a recognized United States Eventing Association Event, and an important part of a long equestrian tradition in Dutchess County. Recognized among the region’s most prestigious annual sporting events, it attracts world-class competitors from throughout the United States and brings some 400 riders and their support staff into the local community each year. MHT is the largest event in the northeast and the only one with an advanced division. US Olympic team riders regularly compete their upper level horses at Millbrook to warm up for the top international competitions

What to Wear for Eventing?

DRESSAGE:  The dress code for Training through Fourth Levels is a short riding coat of conservative color, with tie, choker or stock tie, white breeches or jodhpurs, boots, or jodhpur boots, and protective headgear. Gloves of conservative color are recommended. 

CROSS COUNTRY:   A hard-shell or air-filled body protecting vest must be worn warming-up for and in the cross-country test and, light-weight clothing is appropriate. A shirt with sleeves must be worn.  Protective Headgear, any color.  Britches or jodhpurs may be white or tan.  Gloves, if worn, may be any color.  Boots are black or brown.  

JUMPING:  For the jumping test, a hunting dress of uniform with protective headgear is to be worn. Hat covers other that solid black or dark blue are not allowed.  Coat must be in a dark color, while a shirt must be worn with a pin, choker, or tie.  Gloves, if worn, should be a dark color, tan, beige or white.  Jodhpurs or Britches must be light color or white, and boots brown or black.   

The Horse Trials support an array of local vendors providing Chic Ensembles, Equestrian Gear, and of course Food and Drink.

Vendors: Orangerie Garden and Home , Creel and Gow , DKF Estate Jewelry , Le Caviste , Antony Todd , Designs by Georgina , Vitalexi , Woodstock Wood , ImKalm , The Madder Hatters, HW Guernsey , Glamourpuss NYC , Indo-Chic , Fleurissant Newport , Qute by Stephania Quartararo , Joie Maison , and Nikki and Suzy Finds

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