Happier days, goofing around!

Dear Friends, 

May has arrived, filled with hope and expectation for the lifting of corona demands, and getting back to our lives in the “new normal.”   Face masks, gloves, thermometers, social distancing, l will gladly comply to reunite with friends, family and colleagues.  I am not going to comment on “the good” to come out of this pandemic – just don’t see it that way.   Nor am I going to get political – not my style.  Just want to get back to it, whatever the “it” is.   So many people are risking their lives just to fill prescriptions, or provide groceries to the rest of us, and then there are the heroic frontline doctors, nurses and caregivers who have battled daily in this deadly war.   For them, I pray and continue to donate to organizations that are helping to keep them safe.  

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