Karen Klopp fall fashion pick.  Best leather Jacket

I love the feel of leather when the temperatures start to dip. A Black Leather Jacket is the ultimate layering piece to wear over a shirt or sweater, and under a vest, a wrap, or a cape. Lots and lots of choices. And a Black Leather Blazer is the ultimate fashion statement right now.I went on a shopping spree online to find this stylishly chic selection. Personally I am over the “Moto” look, it has been done up to “here” so I dug deep and was delighted to find an abundance of fashion choices, priced for every budget. I always recommend leather when Packing for Travel, as it doesn’t wrinkle. While we may be homebound right now, that is not going to last!

We begin with our selection from low to high!

$300 – $500

Cole Haan is a quality brand at an accessible price.

Love this style for throwing over a dress.

A trim Trench look.

Wow factor!

Although this puffer isn’t actually what I was searching, it is so good looking. Order now for later.

$500 – $1000

Could wear as stylish shirt or over a cami.

Wear with turtleneck sweater, long skirt and boots.

Distinguished Double Breasted.

This is new – I like it!

Also in Burgundy, ruched sleeves add interest.

Cropped is a great look for layering.

Brilliant shine!

Plus size style on Sale.

Unexpected and charming.

Over $1000

Veronica Beard creates some of the best jackets on the market – an investment for sure and worth every penny. Both of these styles are part of their Dickey Jacket line. Zip one in to totally change the look and feel. Scroll down to see some of the Dickeys.

Karen Klopp fashion advice best Black Leather Jackets.
Take a look at all of the Dickeys

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