J. McLaughlin X Everglades Foundation Worth Avenue Palm Beach

I am thrilled to be part of this great Host Committee for an event on Worth Avenue, Palm Beach on Thursday February 7th .  This is the second year since J. McLaughlin began their partnership with Everglades Foundation, an organization that I have admired for many years.  I am spending a bit more time in South Florida during the winter season.  You don’t need an engineering degree to understand the importance of water in this community.  There is ONLY ONE EVERGLADES on the planet!  For all the latest news, science and opinion on the subject, go to Everglades Foundation.

As my friends know, J. McLaughlin is top of the list for travel clothing as well as everyday fashion.   I appreciate their coordinated color schemes, which is the first rule of packing in my book “Packing for Travel, From Jet Set to Trek Set, the Definitive Globe Trotting Guide.”    I tend to gravitate to the neutrals then then pair with a pop of color.  Catalina Cloth is a Trademark of the brand and it is the most versatile and comfortable fabric that layers so well.

New and Neutral 

J. McLaughlin New and Neutral

Poet Sweater In Stripe  $98 Tan-Off White Sophia Dress  $228  Mindra Cashmere Cardigan  $398

Some New Blues 

Sophia Dress In Midi Heraldic  $228  /  Parisse Cardigan  $228  /  Catalyst Dress In Athena  $228

Sophia Dress In Midi Heraldic  $228  /  Parisse Cardigan  $228 Catalyst Dress In Athena  $228

Pink in Pattern

Signature Tee In Brisbane Coral  $168 Carter Wide Leg Pant  $178 Palisades  Skort In Tidings Geo  $168

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Photos by Nick Mele

For all of the photos, visit Capehart Photography

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