Dear Friends,  I just returned from a heavenly holiday with close friends, bobbing in the sea aboard a sailing boat in the French West Indies.   John and I hadn’t experienced such a laid back sojourn in years. Nothing but the brilliant blue sky and seas, punctuated by cottony white clouds and billowing sails.  The luxury of time spent sailing, snorkeling, reading and lively conversations,  accompanied by the fresh, abundant bounty of the sea, garden and vineyard.  Heading into January refreshed and ready for the challenges to craft the upcoming year, rather than let it simply happen.  Not one for “resolutions”, I believe in “solutions” and setting goals. One of mine is ready more current publications as I tend to listen to my Audible books to the exclusion of other mediums.  Another is to find a class on a subject of interest. Do you know about CourseHorse? And of course, health and wellness continues to be high on the list of aims to achieve. Hilary and I are looking forward to new articles for New York Social Diary as well as keeping What2WearWhere up-to-date with the latest on fashion, travel and lifestyle.   All the best to you in the New Year and beyond.

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