Gifts from him to her? Now this is something that you might not buy for yourself but just a little hint to your hubby and you could be looking W O W. We would be happy to send your special other an email from Santa with a hint of what you would like. Or may we suggest at gift certificate to Fig Leaves. Just think of the fun you will have going online together to choose from all of the fabulous and frivolous finds . . . I’m dreaming of a Naughty Christmas!

Silk Crinkle Chemise ($107.25), Passionista Demi Bra ($48) and Shorty Briefs ($33), Hanna Blossom Votive Candle ($33), Marabou Satin Slippers ($66), Figleaves Boudoir Robe ($140.25), Denier Hold-Ups ($20)

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