“The patriotic tone of the candidates is appropriate – all of the women seek to serve the country and have a passion for doing so,” observed Colleen Quinn our Political Fashion Friend. It appears that not only the U.S. House of Representatives is seeing red, yet from a purely fashion point of view so were the women candidates regardless of their state or party affiliations. Even democrats Babara Boxer and Andrew Cuomo donned the crimson hue opposing the democratic blue. According to Parson’s teacher Ellen Evjen, the physiological meaning of color red conjures “passion, immediacy, urgency and in Asian cultures, luck. Blue, meanwhile is more spiritual.” In looking back, it appears that President Obama won the 2008 election sporting a red tie and Michelle Obama modeled a red-accented Narciso Rodriguez shift. Looking across the wardrobes it does appear that patriotic tones of red, white and blue seemed to be the colors of choice in this years 2010 mid-term Election.  For our wonderful selection of dresses, click on What to Wear on Election Night.

From Left to Right: Jan Brewer, Barbra Boxer, Christine O’Donnell, Kelley Paul (wife of Senator elect Rand Paul of Kentucky), Carly Fiorina, Patty Murphy, Lisa Murkowski

Soon-to-be governor of Oklahoma Mary Falin, Linda McMahon of Connecticut and Senator Blanche Lincoln of Arkansas wore sapphire toned silhouettes:

Left to Right: Mary Falin, Linda McMahon, Blanche Lincoln

Nancy Pelosi chose a classic and chic winter-appropriate white suit.  And it appears Kirsten Gillibrand was the odd-women out wearing a black suit yet still yet winning a seat in the U.S. senate:

Left to Right: Nancy Pelosi and Kirsten Kirsten Gillibrand

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