what to wear auto show
Gentlemen and Ladies, fasten your seat belts for a roaring good time.  The East Side House Settlement’s 16th Annual Gala Preview of the 2015 New York International Auto Show,   Thursday, April 2nd at 6pm.  The Gala Preview will include a specially curated display of the hottest Porsche sports cars. The evening’s highlight is the exciting live auction of an all-new 2016 Porsche Cayman GT4, where potential buyers will vie for the opportunity  to own the motorsport enthusiasts’ dream car.    The Chairs, Philip L. YangJoan P. Young, and Chris LaSusa and theBenefit Committee, chaired by the Fe FendiMorgan Shara, and Mariana Zois have a arranged an evening that is build for speed and action. For more information and to purchase tickets to the Gala Preview, please visit East Side Settlement House.
For this event, we like something a little racy, so we zoomed over to Bergdorf’s to find a collection to get you off the starting line.  La Petite Robe di Chiari Boni designs are elegant and a little sexy and just perfect for revving your engine for a glamorous occasion.
Untitled drawing-2
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