Scene from Mad Men Christmas Office Party.

This is one of our most popular post and we love dressing the part. So many young friends have been asking about office party etiquette that we decided to republish our guidelines that we have assembled over years of observation and perhaps over-doings.

These two festive frocks are on Net a Porter. The Needle and Thread embroidered tulle lace is so flattering and feminine and the Erdem dark floral is one you can wear all through the season and into spring. Love Oscar de la Renta’s line of statement jewelry to compliment the pair. Fur bag is from GlamourpussNYC, and the must have slings from Jimmy Choo.


#1 DO:  Dress modestly.  Nothing low cut, too short or too tight – no matter what others are wearing.   Save your sexy dress for a night out with friends.   DON’T: Show an abundance of décolleté.  It is distracting and sends the wrong kind of message.

#2 DO: Dress festively.   Fun sparkling earrings, some rhinestone brooches and a big crystal cuff, high heels and black patterned stockings are also a fun way to make an outfit special. DON’T: Overdo it.

#3 DO: Set up a strategy in advance.  Is there someone in the company that could help your career?   Remember this is an opportunity to socialize with some higher-ups.  Do some research so you will have something intelligent to talk about.  DON’T: Be obviously sucking up to the bosses.

#4  Speaking of bosses, DO: Be on time.  The mucky mucks tend to arrive on time and and leave early.  DON’T: Be the last one to leave the party.

#5 DO: Be social. Go out of your way to mingle with some new co-workers and try to speak to everyone. DON’T: Flirt – everyone is watching.  If you are interested in a co-worker make other opportunities to get to know each other – no making out in the corner – I know.

#6  Speaking of social . . . DO: Put away your phone so you DON’T have morning-after regrets plastered all over social media.  Ouch!  DON’T squeeze into group selfies, you will not be happy with the results.

#7 DON’T Pre-drink –  wait until you get to the party to start to party.    DON’T: Overdrink.  Start with water and alternate every other drink.  And going out to bars “with the guys” afterwards is also not a great idea although it will seem brilliant at the time – trust me.

#8  Do avoid eating seafood hors d’oeuvres, nothing is worse than fish breath.  DON’T eat anything that needs two bites.  It is likely to end up on your dress.

#9  DON’T forget to thank the people who have organized the party, whether it is the head of the company, the head of your department or your co-worker.  DO: Send a hand written note.  Is still the best way to express your appreciation.

#10 DO have a wonderful time and DO send us your own DOs and DONT’S!

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