Dear Friends, 

Yikes!  It is December already.  The merry month is blowing in with a blast of snow, leaving us to inventory our cold weather gear and to start looking forward to our southern sojourn next month.  I like to pick a Christmas Tree as soon as the Thanksgiving dishes are put away. It is such a joy to experience the bright and brilliant baubles of a winter wonderland.  Here is an article from the New York Post that states that decorating early and make you happier!   December is the  most delightful and stressful month of the whole year.   So many gifts to source, people to see, things to do and oh, don’t forget to have the merriest time, laughing all the way.  Um, tough to achieve. So we will also be posting articles on taking good care of yourself this month. And to make some of your gifting a little quicker, will be posting our favorite gifts for everyone on your list.    All the best to you and your family at this special time of the year.

This is Karen Klopp's initials, KK.

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