cornelia guest In honor of Earth Week, we are presenting this super chic collection of  Cornelia Guest’s Cruelty Free Line of Handbags at Bloomingdales. Cornelia Guest has been passionate about animals and nature since she was a child. Her passion is reflected in every aspect of her life including her philanthropy, animal activism, and business enterprises.  “I decided to do my own animal-free accessories collection so that I could design and wear things that I love, and so could my friends. We developed a beautiful soft faux leather and designed a collection of accessories that ensure you are covered for any occasion, from walking the dog or going to work, to an array of evening events, however casual or elegant. And they all fit together – a great woven day bag with a clutch inside makes it easy to go from desk to dinner, or travel confidently with a simple and chic wallet, pouch, handbag and tote.” We couldn’t agree more – we love seeing the spring trends of texture, popping color and color blocking in these bags that are so easy to wear and easy on the environment and our animal friends. 

cornelia guest humane handbags

cornelia guest humane handbags

For More Information, visit Cornelia’s Website

cornelia guest

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