coffee cup 2024

After the bustle of the holidays, I like to settle into January for a little at-home cosy time. The laid-back wear in my closet was looking a little thread bare so I took myself shopping at to find some replacements for relaxing. Yes, I have plenty of “athleisure” but why not add a little glamour to your January evenings. I like buying a few pieces to mix and match depending on my mood, hanging out in pajamas and robe but will slip on the nightgown at bedtime. In the morning the pajama top acts as a “bed jacket” when heading in to feed the dogs and make the coffee.


Natori has the most vibrant patterns to brighten your days & nights.

Shop all of Natori here

Petite Plume

Love the “preppy boyfriend” look of Petite Plume.

Shop all of Petite Plume here


Averie’s clever patterns and lots to mix and match.

Shop all of Averie here

Desmond + Dempsey

Desmond + Dempsey for those that like the softest cottons.

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