On Saturday October 30, Soho House New York is throwing a Carnivale-themed Halloween Party and we thought we would channel a Chiquita-esque Carmen Miranda costume.    The Brazilian born Hollywood actress was best known in the 1940s for her fruit hat which we conveyed with a bit of faux fruit  such as cherry earrings and these oh-so-fun Vivienne Westwood heels and even a bunch of bananas.  Sass it up in some samba style with this gold tube top, ruched skirt and a Hawaiian fabric bolero.  Complete the look with a feathered headpiece, and floral accessories like this clip and this ruffled clutch.  Don’t forget your jewels!  As you can see Miranda always piled on the necklaces and bangles– mix it up with a bit of gold and lots of color.  

Left to Right: Carmen Miranda Hat ($31),  Cherry Earrings ($5.99), Topshop Floral Crop Shrug ($90), Fabric Wrapped Bangles ($12),  Ruffle Clutch ($65), Gold Detailed Turban ($17.99), KJL Gold Necklace ($132), Multi-colored Beaded Necklaces ($4.49), Asos Chiffon Draped Skirt ($109.53), Vivienne Westwood Cherry Heels ($111.21), Feathers ($1.29), Floral Cluster Hair Clip ($16), Banana Bunch ($29.95)

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