What to wear this winter?  Karen Klopp pick her favorite winter coats.

What to wear this winter? Get ready for the season with a big, fuzzy wuzzy, Teddy Bear Coat. Just looking at this selection make me feel warm and cozy. Au courant & chic over jeans and boots, a midi dress with the hem peeking out or a knee length skirt or dress. The beauty of the beauties is that they can go over anything and everything, including blazers and big chunky sweaters. These are trending and disappearing fast so don’t delay – buy now for the upcoming frosty months.

And while not as fuzzy, this is a gorgeous big coat that comes in three shades.

Loulou Studio Wool & Cashmere $720
Karen Klopp picks the best winter coats.
LVIR Faux Shearling $850

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