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Some friends are made for the Hamptons lifestyle, others never go near the towns.   Some picnic on the beach and entertain at home, others enjoy lunches at chic restaurants and are out every night at social and charity events.    And most enjoy a bit of both.  That’s the point – there is something for everyone!  Art, music, culture of every kind, gorgeously wide sandy beaches, gardens to explore and grow, and some of the best produce and food in the country.   We put together a compendium of some of our favorite Guides to the Hamptons in case you are heading that way this weekend.   But first, if you read  (or listened to, as I did) Holly Peterson’s social satire It Happens in the Hamptons you would know that generalizing “the Hamptons” as a places is very bad form and will expose you as an outsider.   You will have to enjoy the fun summer read  for yourself to learn of the other insider secrets.

holly peterson it happened in the hamptons 

INDARARE:Newest Hamptons Spots You Can’t Miss

best hampton guides

GOOP:  The Hamptons Guide

Best Hamptons Guides

GUEST OF A GUEST: New and Notable in the Hamptons

Best guides to the hamptons

AVENUE MAGAZINE:  Your Hamptons Summer Calendar

best Hamptons guide

HAMPTONS MAGAZINE:  On Everything HamptonBest Guides to the Hamptons

 DAN’S PAPERs:  Everything, Including the Surf Report

besr hampton guides

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