Karen Klopp, Pam Taylor, Palm Beach Garden Club
KK & Pam Taylor at Garden Club PB


Dear Friends,

March Madness is upon up and not just for the NCAA. It is a vibrant transitional month as the worst of winter’s woeful weather is mostly behind us and we look forward to welcoming the earliest shoots of spring.  This month we are celebrating our beloved St. Patrick’s Day and will be posting lots and lots of tips and packing lists for Spring Break and Spring Travel.  Please let us know your destinations and we will be helpful with our stylish suggestions. We will also be tracking the trends this month of all the new must-have for spring.   Our Charity of the month is Memorial Sloan Kettering Cycle for Survival. Sign up for the fast paced ride, or to donate to critical research into cancer.  

Karen Klopp, Editor's Letter.

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