One of the most anticipated celebrations of the season is the Preservation Foundation of Palm Beach, and this year it is being held at a private residence, creating increased excitation. Talbott Maxey, a Chair, and Hilary’s cousin explained it beautifully. Imagine this charming hamlet without the iconic Mediterranean and Spanish Colonial Revival architecture favored by the architects of the time. Addison Mizner, John Volk, Maurice Fatio​ ​and Marion Sims Wyeth​​ ​all designed homes that both described and created the envi​able Palm Beach lifestyle — soft-shaded clay roofs, hidden courtyards dripping with lush vegetation, spacious breezy logias and verandas for living out of doors, pastel shades of a lingering childhood, and the mesmerizing sounds of tinkling fountains.   Go to NEW YORK SOCIAL DIARY to read the full article.

Hilary is Inspired by Pink Bougainvillea

KK Has The Blues


Go to NEW YORK SOCIAL DIARY to read the full article.

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