Dear Friends, 

Well November is blowing in on a chilly blast, and we are ready for it!   We will be shopping cozy sweaters, down vest, puffer coats and boots to get right into the season of downwardly spiraling temps. November is my favorite month, in the city, the pulse quickens, life is busy but not frenzied as December will be.   In the country, the leaves have fallen,leaving a muted landscape but one rich in shades and textures. And then along comes Thanksgiving, with opportunities to celebrate with friends and family and express appreciation for all our of our many blessings.  Our hearts go out to the victims of the West Coast Fires and if you would like to donate, here is a list from Charity Navigator of credible organizations where your donations will make a difference.  For our part, we are donating to CDC California Wildfire Recovery Fund as our Charity of the Month.

Signature KK for Karen Klopp

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