new york girl style
New York Style Girl Once again, we have shopped the content with our friends at New York Girl Style to bring you a fresh perspective on style.  This week’s NYGS’s It Girl this week is Harley Viera-Newton, a renaissance girl who knows how to rock.

“When it comes to success, it is no foreign concept for Harley Viera-Newton. This chick has showed that to be true time and time again. Starting her life in the Big Apple, Ms.Newton studied at the prestigious New York University, NYU.  Attending school in the city opened the doors for this London native. While she wasn’t being brainy, she broke out her musical side by dj-ing at various venues in the city.  She also was scouted by Elite and became a recognized face among many people. Her achievements did not end there, Harley Viera-Newton soon got an in as a DJ for top design houses like Dior.  She is stylish, and a trendsetter,  always showing us a fierce fashion statement. . . . . to read more go to New York Girl Style.  


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