hilary dick, Karen Klopp, NOMO hotel and restaurant.
Hilary & I at NOMO for a Birthday – not ours!

Dear Friends, June just sort of snuck up after the cold and rainy Memorial Day Weekend. We are busy getting ready for Tribeca Film Festival, June 9 to 20,  and the Mashomack International Polo Challenge on June 26.  Life in the city is filled with excitement and anticipation as more and more in-person gatherings are taking place.   Living in Carnegie Hill is a tickle at this time of year as spring fever has taken over the little ones on their way to and from the neighborhood schools.  They bound about seemingly in mid air making up songs and silly bits.  You can’t help but laugh at their antics.  It feels good to be outside witnessing the glorious life on the street once again. Hilary and I will be keeping up with everything you need for a stylish summer.   Speaking of summer plans, please go to Packing for Travel Covid Edition to view my eBook, published online during Covid.  It has loads of tips and clickable links to provide instant information on your upcoming destinations.   Whether you roam near or far, please stay healthy and safe.

Karen Klopp, KK

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