Dear Friends,

May is chock full for all of us with graduations, weddings and tons of other delightful events to attend.  I am travelling to Morocco this month and cannot be more excited for the adventure with friends. With the wedding of my son Adam in Bermuda on June 1st, it is a happy and stressful time.  As my old shrink used to say, “Even good stress is stress.” So I am trying to practice mindfulness – but all that comes to mind is how much I have to do! Breath in for 5 seconds, hold for 6 seconds and release for 7 seconds.  It works. Of course I am trying to get in the shape of my life with not enough time to do so. What did I wait so long! Hilary and I will be bringing you the best of the new styles and packing lists for you upcoming holidays.  Please don’t forget to write us with your travel queries and consult Packing for Travel to get started.

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